Our Pastor & Staff


Senior Pastor, Dana Smith

Pastor Dana received his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 1999. The youngest of five in a family of nonbelievers, he was born and raised in West Chester, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. He loves missions, preaching/teaching, and theology. Experiencing firsthand the damage of theological liberalism in the context of two mainline denominations in which he previously served, he affirms the need for Orthodoxy (right doctrine) followed by Orthopraxy (right living). Right belief in God's Word must translate into right action. The head must impact the heart, or else one does not really know God's Word. As such, he is constantly seeking to grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus (2 Peter 3:18), trusting that such growth in grace will translate into equal growth in evangelistic love for the lost and compassionate love for the household of faith.

EMAIL: Pastor Dana Smith


Office Administrator, Barbara Seifert

Barbara has her B.S. in Communications and had worked in Human Resources and Training & Development within the software industry for several years.  She and her husband Jeff, have been at Immanuel Church for over 15 years.  They have three teenagers and live in Westford.  As a volunteer, Barbara currently serves as the Church Clerk and on the Immanel Cafe staff, and in the past, has served on the Associate Pastoral Search Committe, Women’s Ministry’s Mom’s Cottage, Vacation Bible School, and the Nursery/Children's Church.

EMAIL: office@immanuelchurch.com


Bookkeeper, Bruce Fottler

Bruce grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to the Boston area while in high school. After attending Northeastern University, he spent 25 years in accounting, credit management, and treasury management positions. While his career-track mostly put him behind a desk, he dabbled in creative pursuits such as producing, writing, and directing film shorts. Bruce is also an author of five published novels.  Bruce and his wife, Melody, have been attending Immanuel Church for a few years now. They have two children, Jacob and Drew, and live in Chelmsford.

Email: bookkeeper@immanuelchurch.com


Property Manager, Dennis Keefe

Dennis is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and repairs of building.  He has been attending Immanuel for over twenty years!  Dennis worked for the Marriott Hotels where he was the Chief Engineer for over ten years and was responsible for all indoor and outdoor repair work. 

EMAIL: Dennis Keefe


Steve Camp, Custodian

Steve has been attending Immanuel with his wife for a little over thirty three years.  He has three grown children, Erica, Steve Jr. and Bill.  Over the past thirty years, he has served several times on the Elder Board and also taught Adult Sunday School class.

EMAIL: Steve Camp