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My Name is Mathews George, and I am glad you came to this page to know about me. I was born and raised in one of the ancient Churches of Christendom (Thomas Christians of India). I was Raised by God fearing parents who loved me and taught me to live a moral life, but I never understood the Gospel until I started attending a local Christian youth fellowship in High School. In Bombay (Mumbai) where I pursued my higher education, I continued being active in church and ministry through my strong involvement with the YMCA, YWAM, and a particular College prayer fellowship.  After my Post Graduate Studies in Business and Economics, I started working in the financial Service industry. In 1995, I was pleasantly blessed to marry my wonderful wife, Anju and together we are blessed with five children, the oldest being 26 and the youngest 11. 

In 2003 while I was working as the Chief Executive of a Company in India, the Lord “ambushed” me with a personal encounter on one of my morning walks.  This encounter had been so life changing that I heard the distinct call to leave everything behind and pursue missions in the United States.  A few months later, Anju and I along with our children (we had two at that time) moved to Pasadena, California to attend Fuller Seminary.

For the past 18 years, I’ve served as a Pastor of three different churches – in Tennessee, Vermont, and California, and have seen the Lord powerfully work in healing and restoring people, bringing the unsaved to the saving knowledge of the Gospel and changing lives all around.  I firmly believe that our delight in God is our highest priority as believers and God is most glorified in us when we are enjoying him the most through abiding in Christ Jesus who is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being (Heb 1:3).  I also believe that our God is a relational God, and we cannot enjoy God outside our relationship with him and one another in the church. 

I have travelled around the world to share the Gospel, met several faithful believers, shared the joys and sorrows of life with a number of Brothers and Sisters and boldly proclaimed the truth anchored in love. I consider building relationships a major component of my role as the Sr. Pastor and would love to talk to you.  I am nothing near perfect; only loved by a perfect God!  

I have my B.S. in Communications and previous to this position, worked in Human Resources and Training & Development within the software industry.  I have been married to my husband Jeff for 31 years and have three young adult children – Jared, Jack and Grace.  I have attended Immanuel Church for 20 years and as a volunteer, I served as the Church Clerk for several years.  I have also served on Immanuel Cafe, VBS, the Meals ministry, and on the Associate Pastoral Search Committee.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to the Boston area while in high school.  After attending Northeastern University, I spent 25 years in accounting, credit management, and treasury management positions.  While my career-track mostly put me behind a desk, I dabble in creative pursuits such as producing, writing, and directing film shorts.  I am also an author of five published novels. My wife, Melody and I have been attending Immanuel Church for several years. We have two children, Jacob and Drew, and live in Chelmsford.

I received my B.A. in Music Ed at EWU, and Master’s in Music at UMass Lowell.  I spent many years as a public school teacher, with the bulk of my career in Lexington Public Schools working in the Music Department. as well as Special Education.  Additionally, I have been on staff at Boston Flute Academy for many years working as an ensemble coach and flute instructor. My husband Russ, have been attending Immanuel for about 20 years.  During this time, I have served on VBS, run seasonal choirs for children and adults, and currently serves on the Worship Team.  During off hours, I love spending time with my family, and two German Shepherds, Shiloh and Akiva.